Tracey Hilton-Thomas

For Washoe County Commission District 4

As county commissioner, I can ensure more robust election processes, work to make citizenship affordable, and back our courts and law enforcement.

Vision, Issues, & Values

I was employed with Washoe County’s Technology Services Department from 1998-2015, and service on the Washoe County Employee Association affords me the institutional knowledge other candidates do not have.

I’ve served 20+ years in Washoe County’s elections and on the Poll Worker Administrative Committee. After what happened in 2020 and the new revelations about the last several years with the election system under new management—I’m compelled to run for office to fix our broken elections, restore public trust, and ensure free and fair elections. The time I’ve served previously gives me insight into the processes, legalities, and logistics to quickly fix our broken elections.

I had the great privilege to serve a 2-year term as foreperson on the grand jury for the 2nd Judicial District as well as a field registrar at our naturalization ceremonies. This afforded me a unique realization of the decline of safety in our community and the financial barriers for migrants who love our country.

I am a native Nevadan, working tirelessly to make it a better place. I have volunteered in our elections since 2000, served as a field registrar at the US District Court’s Naturalization ceremonies, as well as the Second Judicial Court’s grand jury for two years.

I know the value of being connected. That’s why I’m running for this position. Help me help you.

I have vested 20 years into ensuring citizens the opportunity to cast their ballots at a variety of polling locations, as well as fostering comradery within my election teams. The 2020 election afforded me the opportunity to observe several areas on the back end of Washoe County’s elections that are in desperate need of attention. Washoe County can no longer afford to skimp on its election budget.

Why Nominate Tracey Hilton-Thomas?

Goals as County Commissioner

1. Amend standards for Board of Commissioner meeting agendas to provide a representation of ALL Washoe County constituents by:
Establish a standing agenda item for each district so that ALL districts have the opportunity to have their issues addressed.
Establishing a standing agenda item for prayer over the meeting—US Congress has it, we can too!

2. Bring Washoe County’s elections up to the purity standards set by our laws (US Constitution, Nevada Constitution, and Nevada Revised Statutes) through process improvements to:
Validation of citizenship and residence.
Chain of custody on all ballots at all times.
Bipartisan election processing teams who are not married and registered in Washoe County (not Nevada).
Manual counts of ballots that are publicly observable (NRS 293.363).
Staff accountability and well-being.

3. Team with Nevada Wildlife Department, Bureau of Land Management, and wild horse organizations to address the mismanagement in Hidden Valley causing the dependency on humans.

4. Work to increase deputy patrol units to address rising crime rates in neighborhoods. (Bare minimum patrol units for Washoe County have only increased by one unit in the last 20+ years—while the population and housing have grown exponentially more.)

5. Establish ordinances to ban “sanctuary” zones for illegal immigration transfers in an already high rent community—Establish programs to address the high costs of naturalization and reward the perseverance of legal migrants respecting our laws.

6. Work with agencies to establish major arterial from Wingfield Springs to US-395. (This is not just a matter of traffic congestion, it’s a matter of safety and health.)

7. Establish an ordinance mandating the Pledge of Allegiance before any business conducted in any building maintained with Washoe County taxes.

What frustrates me most within Washoe County is the carelessness exercised with the resources entrusted—the lack of transparency, accountability, and honesty. There used to be a sense of family, trust, and pride in work when I first started employment with the county, but that was absent when I retired. Division and self-preservation had taken over. Having proper leadership, restoring pride in the workplace, holding people accountable, and enforcing high standards will restore trust and unity.

Why Recall Vaughn Hartung?

1. Repeated allegations of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault of Washoe County employees;
2. Failure to address election integrity concerns and resolutions in Washoe County;
3. The handling of the Covid-19 pandemic;
4. Failure to properly represent constituents;
5. Utilizing tax payer dollars for himself and his family to attend Burning Man via the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department’s helicopter “Raven”;
6. Utilizing tax payer dollars for unauthorized use of Raven for personal and non-authorized political use;
7. Allegations of conducting Washoe County meetings outside of an open and public meeting;

8. Failure to address Washoe County citizen’s Petition for Resolution to remove Washoe County from a state of emergency, declared by Governor Sisolak issued on March 12, 2020;
9. Missing meetings to conduct personal recreational activities;
10. Allegations of bullying and harassment with the County Commissioner’s office;
11. Unprofessional behavior;
12. Commissioner Hartung being found at fault for the allegations regarding the code of conduct and sexual harassment policy of Washoe County; and
13. Commissioner Hartung allegedly engaging in conduct that was inappropriate and/or of a sexual nature toward an employee of Washoe County.

The Leadership Our County Needs Right Now

About Tracey

I am a native Nevadan raised in Fallon and Sparks, graduating from Reed High, Truckee Meadows Community College, and the University of Nevada, Reno, with degrees in Business Management and Information Systems.

The Leadership Our County Needs Right Now

About Tracey

I am a native Nevadan raised in Fallon and Sparks, graduating from Reed High, Truckee Meadows Community College, and the University of Nevada, Reno, with degrees in Business Management and Information Systems.

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